daWindci Deluxe is Made Even Better and Faster in This New Version

daWindci Deluxe

In this game, a hot air balloon manages to survive a long and arduous trip -with a lot of your help. In this game, players literally control the wind. By doing gestures on the screen, you can create different kinds of wind that will affect the balloon -help push or pull it depending on what is needed. Deluxe update means that the whole game has been improved and revamped -making the controls easier, adding new wind types, more puzzles, better graphics, etc.

Trust the Compass

The game of daWindci Deluxe is divided into several stages -each stag has its own set of puzzles and obstacles that players much overcome in order to succeed. The idea is to use the wind in order to ferry and steer a hot air balloon towards the destination. Once the balloon reaches its intended spot, the stage closes and you get to move on to the next. Depending on your performance (particularly, how many stars you collected), you will be given a rank for each stage. The top rank for a stage is three stars. While getting a high rank is not necessary to progress the game (you will still pass at the lowest rating of one star), some completionists would certainly enjoy the challenge.

To control the wind, players will simply have to swipe on the screen. The direction and speed of the swipe will affect the strength of the wind. More often than not, the wind you create will pull the hot air balloon as opposed to pushing it from behind. This may seem odd at first, but it is actually a more intuitive way to play to game. Also, to make the hot air balloon slow down or even stop, you will need to make the wind push against it in order to cease the advance. This is very important to remember, as making your balloon hit obstacles such a mountains will damage it -if it takes too much damage, it will be destroyed. So be sure to be in control of steering the balloon.

daWindci Deluxe Game Play

Stages can be pretty big, vast, and so full of things that it can get confusing. With that in mind, the developers have put in a compass that will constantly point you in the right direction. This compass is on the lower right hand of the screen and is a great way to keep things moving forward. If you are truly feeling lost, you can tap on the compass itself to help get sorted out. The end of each stage is marked by a yellow rope hanging horizontally as it is held by two floating machines. Pass through this and you will clear the stage.

Good Use of 3D

It is not an easy decision to use 3D graphics for mobile devices -the low processing power usually means that 3D models end up with textures that are not as good. Or you get a few high res models and then sacrifice everything else. In the case of daWindci, everything has to look just right - prioritizing just one element and making everything else look bad is not an option. In this case, the game designers have been pretty clever with the aesthetic direction of the game. Everything looks toy-like and matte-plastic-y, the result is a game that looks like you just opened up an old children's play chest. It feels easy on the eyes, a little nostalgic, and best of all, everything looks so bright and cheerful that playing the game will make you want to smile.

Huff and Puff and Blow Away

Creating wind with just your fingertips makes for a very fun and interesting gaming experience. The playfulness of the game is balanced with clever puzzles, a sense of wonder, and a touch of awe especially when you get to open up new stages and see new sights. daWindci Deluxe is more than just a great upgrade to the original balloon game, it is a fully satisfying game to play on its own. In this day and age of mobile games focusing heavily on trying to get players to pass through a pay wall or just overloading the game experience with trite content, it is heartwarming to find gems like daWindci.

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